Built For
Your Needs

With Makula, you can digitalize your internal after-sales process to achieve operational excellence.

Built for your needs

Work Order Management

Work on multiple tickets simultaneously, communicate with your customers, assign tickets to your service engineer, and leave internal notes for your team.

Built for your needs

Resource Planning

Schedule and plan the resources of your service engineers. Improve visibility over upcoming maintenance visits with calendar view.

Built for your needs


Analyse your after-sales services with Makula’s interactive dashboard and simply export data for management reporting.

Built for your needs

Digital Maintenance Forms

Upload and digitally fill in on-site maintenance forms for all your on-site customer visits, then seamlessly share with relevant stakeholders.

Built for your needs

Preventive Maintenance Alerts

Create time-based preventive maintenance alerts to offer efficient after-sales support. Ensure no planned activities or maintenance activites are ever missed again.

Built for your needs

Machine Resource Management/Digital Twin

Save time by managing all your sold machines with their respective documentation and work order in one place. Build and share digital life cycle of each machine with relevant stakeholders.

Built for your needs

Customer Resource Management

Manage and view all your customers (machine users) with their respective information and service history in one place.

Built for your needs

Inventory Management

Manage all your spare parts inventory from one place.



Connect Makula to your CRM- or ERP-System with one of our 300+ pre-built integrations to have a streamlined after-sales process.