Streamlining Operations for Machine Distributors and Resellers

Improve customer support, increase operational efficiency, and pave the way to higher sales and customer satisfaction with Makula.

These are potential profit dips and the root of customer dissatisfaction

Disjointed Inventory Management

A vast array of machines, each with its nuances, can often lead to mismanaged inventories and lost sales opportunities.

Inconsistent After-sales Support

Providing uniform, top-tier technical support, warranties, and services can become an overwhelming task, especially when handling diverse product lines.

Overlooked Machine Lifecycles

Keeping track of each machine’s lifecycle, from its initial sale to its eventual maintenance needs, is pivotal, yet often falls through the cracks.

Makula is a solution crafted with
distributors in mind

Unified Inventory Dashboard
Streamlined After-sales Portal
Lifecycle Tracking

Unified Inventory Dashboard

Gain a clear, real-time overview of your entire inventory. Know which products are flying off the shelves and which need a nudge.

Streamlined After-sales Portal

Consolidate all your after-sales services, from technical support to warranty claims, ensuring every customer receives consistent, high-quality service.

Lifecycle Tracking

With Makula’s advanced features, monitor each machine’s journey. Anticipate maintenance needs, and be proactive rather than reactive.

Makula’s Promise to Your Business:


Deliver on promises, every single time.
Elevate your reputation as a distributor
who doesn’t just sell machines but provides
unparalleled after-sales support.


Say goodbye to manual tracking and inventory
woes. Makula streamlines operations, freeing
up resources and boosting profitability.


In a world of rapid technological
advancements, stay ahead with Makula’s
continuous updates and innovative features.

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After-Sales Profits!

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