Revolutionizing Installed Base Asset Management for Machine Manufacturers

Optimize Asset Management and untap golden monetization opportunities in after-sales operations with Makula’s digital solution.

These are potential profit dips and
the root of customer dissatisfaction

Communication Chaos

In a sphere where precision is paramount, miscommunication or delays can lead to significant operational snags and unhappy customers.


Scattered documentation isn’t just an organizational concern—it’s a recipe for overlooked opportunities and inefficiencies.

Fragmented After-Sales Service

Crafting a top-tier machine is just half the battle won. Offering unparalleled after-sales support? Now that’s the real challenge.

Makula isn’t just another solution;
it’s a game-changer

Digital Work Orders
Proactive Maintenance Alerts
Branded Customer Portal

Digital Work Orders

No more paper trails. Digitize, organize, and optimize every work order, ensuring assets are utilized to their fullest potential.

Proactive Maintenance Alerts

 Go beyond reactive solutions. With Makula’s intuitive alerts, anticipate and address maintenance needs, ensuring your machines run flawlessly.

Branded Customer Portal

 This isn’t just a dashboard—it’s your brand’s commitment to transparency, reliability, and unparalleled support.

Makula’s Promise to Your Business:

Boost Profits

Watch profitability skyrocket with streamlined
operations and superior customer satisfaction.

Enhance Productivity

Liberate your engineers from mundane tasks. Reclaim those lost hours and channel them into innovation.

Unlock Hidden Revenues

With efficient spare parts management, discover revenue streams you didn’t even know existed.

Unlock Hidden
After-Sales Profits!

Explore our all-in-one tool for boosting after-sales revenue, saving Service Engineers time, and improving customer interactions and operations.