3 After Sales Service Trends: There is no way around digitalisation

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By digitising processes, companies can increase their efficiency and develop new business models. That much is known. Likewise, it is no longer a secret that the bundling of after-sales services, especially in mechanical engineering, means the potential for a separate business model that can be monetised sustainably. What is interesting here is that digitalisation also […]

After Sales Management: The Importance of Aftermarket Lifetime Value for OEMs

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The expansion of after-sales service through targeted services represents a significant growth opportunity for machine manufacturers and distributors. Through product and process innovations it is indeed possible to build better and better equipment more and more efficiently and thus to increase sales. But the real potential lies in after sales management. A large part of […]

Digital Knowledge Management: Brain Gain instead of Brain Drain in Mechanical Engineering

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When employees leave a company, it is not only regrettable, but also highly risky. Because with every skilled employee who leaves, a lot of knowledge also leaves. The much-cited shortage of skilled workers, which is extremely high in the mechanical engineering sector, does not make things any better. Even if replacements are found, the successors […]

3 Top reasons for machine suppliers and distributors to expand after-sales service

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Today, comprehensive after-sales services form a significant part of the value chain and are considered one of the most important competitive advantages for machine manufacturers and distributors. In Germany, the share of services in the gross domestic product has already risen to 70 percent. In an international comparison, however, Germany is only in the middle […]

Tickets Please: How an automated ticketing system improves your customer service

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With digitalisation, customer service has incredibly changed. Being on hold for hours in telephone support is a thing of the past. Especially in the customer service of machine suppliers and distributors, speed and reliability are in demand. 90 per cent of customers expect an “immediate” answer to their question to the customer service. And “immediately” […]

Industry 4.0: What is servitisation? Why OEMs should not miss this opportunity

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Did you know that the development and acquisition of machines account for just 10 percent of the costs during their entire life cycle? The remaining 90 percent is for their maintenance, operation and disposal, according to Accenture. No wonder, because large industrial machines can have running times of up to 40 years. Service is in […]

How SME machine suppliers and distributors can digitalise their after-sales services

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Customer orientation and good service are now among the most important success factors in the industry – along with quality, of course. After-sales services not only serve customer loyalty, but are also increasingly crystallising as a source of income. This is particularly important for machine suppliers and distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), because industrial […]